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Private Yoga Lesson

Krpā yoga recommends you to take private lessons twice a month.


If you continue to practice yoga, you would be able to take care of yourself,

and you would gradually feel changes on you physically and mentally.

You would find out a symptom earlier and heal it by yourself at an early stage. 


In addition, you could release yourself from symptomatic treatment.

You would no longer need external care such as going to hospitals, taking medicines and so on.

In order to have a healthy body and mind, you would need to grasp what you really need for it in a moment.

It is an extremely important ability for human beings but many people forget it as they get older.  


I wouldn't say that symptomatic treatment is bad.

We should get external care when we really need it.

I just tell you that there are many things that you can do to take care of yourself before external care.

First of all you must be aware of changes happening on yourself, then not ignoring it and take care of yourself before you suffer.

Krpā yoga tell the way to do it in a private lesson.

Because everyone has different path to be aware of oneself.

So I believe that private lesson is the most effective and consistent way.

As you continue to practice yoga, you could find your powerful energy from your inner side. It will tell you how much precious and powerful you are.

Because you are the one. If you wouldn’t take care of you, who could do it for you?

Why recommend to have lessons twice a month?

Firstly, I need to make sure that you get a fact even before you start yoga practice.


If you do yoga practice only in a studio, 

it might be difficult to feel any changes in your mind and body.

You need to do practice at home.


However you don’t need stoic practice. 

Just practice as much as you feel good. However you do it everyday.

Even if there is such a day when you take yoga breaths for 1min, it is fine!


Taking yoga private lessons twice a month is a good way to make it a habit and to make sure you practice properly.

We have different life styles and life cycles.

So depending on individual, there are different yoga practices.

Let us talk together and find your own yoga practice that you can do in your current daily life.

I'm here to be your personal supporter or guide. 


Message for who give up spending enough time and financials for oneself.

Each person has one's own rhythm of life, so it is understandable that you think it's impossible to take time for yoga practice.


However, yoga practice has actually started from taking a time for yoga.

Taking a time for yourself. 

At that point, yoga practice has already begun.

If you can’t take a step forward in taking a time and investing a payment,

please think like this.


You might have spent a lot of financial burden and time for treatment(for both physical and mental).

I had also spent a lot of time and money for it. And I had suffered for long time, so I can understand it very much.

Now I'm so happy because I've already know what I feel comfortable and how I deal with uncomfortable condition even without an external care.


Please shift your mind to invest your precious time and money into what something make your life bright.

Of course you can invest into another things not only into yoga.

However Yoga practice is one of effective ways and can be a basement for everything you'd like to do in your life. 

It is a gift for yourself; present self, past self and future self. 

In Krpā yoga lesson, you just do simple movements with breath and no strict restrictions.It It is so gentle and suitable for everyone.


Let us recall your comfortable state together.


I’m waiting for doing practice with you and becoming good friends each other.